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    The partisans of this project, called OHADAC (Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in the Caribbean), decided to meet within the framework of the association ACP Legal, to help interested Caribbean States to implement the project.

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    This brochure has been published by the ACP Legal Association.

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Participation of ACP Legal at ABOGACÍA 2012, Havana City, Cuba, September 19-21

14 Jun 2012

The National Organization of Collective Law Offices announces the International Congress LAW PRACTICE 2012, which will be held from September 19th to 21st, 2012, at the Havana International Conference Center, Cuba.

The event suggests a multifaceted vision of law. Besides, in terms of legal disputes, it will deal with any topic or subject contributing to the professional treatment and management of litigation situations between natural or legal persons, with key emphasis on procedural representation and technical defense.

Called from the point of view of law practice, the Congress is open to other legal practitioners, law professionals and students, as well as other specialists and researchers of related disciplines, whose papers are chosen by the Technical Committee.

Main topic: “Legal litigation management and resolution”


I. Criminal law and litigation

  1. Sociology and Criminology in the 21st century. The sentence and its functions, penitentiary system and supervision of the implementation of non-custodial sentences
  2. The legal person as the subject of criminal law: present and future challenges
  3. The preparatory phase of the criminal process. Evidence and new technologies. The oral trial: a century of Cuban experience. The resource system in the criminal process
  4. The public defender and the appointed defender: two institutes and one goal. Protection of the victim's right. The district attorney and the protection of the state's rights
  5. The litigation approach in the teaching of procedural criminal law

II. Civil, commercial, agricultural and labor law and litigations

  1. The law of obligations. Contract and litigation prevention. Property rights: payment management and division of patrimonial goods. Bankruptcy and other insolvency-related litigations
  2. Material and procedural evidence. New technologies in procedural and notarial environments: modernization of the legal department
  3. Intellectual property disputes. Tutelage of artistic creation, as well as brand and patent protection in the digital age
  4. Environmental and urban law dispute management. Procedural tutelage of agricultural legal relations
  5. The challenges of assurance and the procedural protection of the assured person
  6. Labor proceedings in the context of globalization
  7. The litigation approach in the teaching of procedural civil law

III. The practice of law: legal thinking, as well and ethical and professional scopes

  1. The lawyer's profession: ethics and legal thinking
  2. Joining and professional organizations. Protection of the lawyer's activity
  3. Mediation and alternative forms of dispute resolution. Current experiences
  4. The efficiency of business legal consultancy: contract and litigation prevention in business legal situations
  5. The lawyer's challenges facing the globalization and trans-nationalization of the practice of law
Official languages: Spanish and EnglishSubmission of papers

Papers can have one or two authors. Presentation modalities include oral presentations, panel discussions, round tables and poster presentations. Papers can have up to 25 sheets and they must be written using Word processor, 6.0 version (or a newer one), Arial 12-points font letter, 1.5 points between lines, justified text, 2.5 cm margins and 8.5 x 11paper.

They must include a one sheet of paper abstract containing the paper's title, author (s), profession, institution, city and country.

Papers will be sent to the Technical Committee, by e-mail, before June 30th, 2012 to the following addresses: vicepresidencia@onbc.cu and jsuperacion@onbc.cu.

The Technical Committee will inform on the paper's acceptance and presentation modality, as well as on the publication of the chosen papers.

Technical aids available for participants

  • Data and video projector
  • Computer
  • Internet service

Registration Foreign delegates

Delegates: 200.00 CUC
Speakers: 150.00 CUC
Accompanist: 60.00 CUC
Students: 150.00 CUC

Students must present a document certifying their condition in order to register in the event.

Delegates' registration include name badge, materials of the Congress, participation in all the activities included in the Scientific Program, as well as participation and author certificates.

The inscription like delegate includes: credential, materials of the event, participation in all the activities of the Scientific Program and the courses pre Congress, as well as the certification like participant or presenter.

General information

To contact with the Organizing Committee, please address to:

MSc. Lizette Maria Vilá Noya
Vice President of the Organization and Technical Committee of the Congress
Phone: (537) 214 4208 fax: (537) 214 4278
E-mail: abogacia2012@yahoo.es / http://www.onbc.cu/Abogacía2012/index.html

For more information, please contact: jean.reale@acplegal.net

Published on 2012-06-14, 9:54 am