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Mercredi 14 Nov. 2018

L'Association ACP Legal

  • L'Ohadac et ACP Legal

    La notoriété mondiale et le succès du programme OHADA (Organisation pour l'Harmonisation en Afrique du Droit des Affaires) ont amené de très nombreux juristes, des entreprises et certains Gouvernements des Etats de la Caraïbe à réfléchir à la mise en place d'un programme d'unification du droit des affaires dans la Caraïbe reprenant la philosophie du précédent de l'OHADA.

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  • L'OHADAC en bref

    Plaquette réalisée par l'Association ACP Legal.

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Declaration of the HAVANA-CUBA OHADAC International Seminar held from 28 to 30 June 2017 on the Harmonization of Business Law in the Caribbean

26 Juil. 2017

photo1Participants at the international seminar on the harmonization of business law,

Convinced that the Latin American and Caribbean nations need a set of actions aimed at advancing and consolidating the integration of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, due to their similarities, while respecting their national history, political particularities, social, cultural, religious, linguistic and ideological characteristics, as a means of economic development, trade and cultural exchanges, maintain the respect for peace and the well-being of their peoples,

Convinced that the legal harmonization of business law is an effective instrument for enhancing legal and regulatory certainty and of lowering the cost of international trade by facilitating trade and hence the development of national economies and their progressive integration,

photo2Cognizant of the efforts of the OHADAC project in the interest of harmonizing business law in the Caribbean, and in particular the promotion of international commercial arbitration as an adequate means of resolving disputes arising from international trade relations,

Convinced of the need to have a center that promotes and develops arbitration in the region, bringing the trial process closer to commercial operators in the Caribbean and Latin America and which contributes to the training of arbitration experts,

Convinced that respect for the Charter of the United Nations, the principles of private international law and the rights of States constitutes the basis for the maintenance of peace between nations and the guarantee for the development of international commercial relations within the community International law,


  1. Support the promotion of the OHADAC project for the Harmonization of Business Law in the Caribbean,
  2. Support the establishment of the Caribbean Arbitration Center, to facilitate through mediation and arbitration the resolution of any disputes that may arise from international trade in the area, In the light of the principles of independence and autonomy of the arbitrator in relation to the parties, the speed of the proceedings with short and non-dilatory terms and the effectiveness of the arbitral tribunal, which does not admit arbitrators having an important number of cases simultaneously and to promote an arbitration culture in the area through the disclosure, exchange, development of seminars and courses that will contribute to the training of local experts,
  3. Denounce and deny the enactment and validity of laws of economic coercion, manifest extra-territoriality, which, in violation of international law, purport to exert political pressure on other sovereign States, Support the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations of 26 October 2016, which, with 191 votes in favor and none against, rejected these violations of international law and called for an end to the economic embargo against Cuba, and normalizing financial and commercial relations between Cuba and the United States of America.

Done at Havana on 30 June 2017

Publié le 26/07/2017, 11h32